GE Money Capital Customer Service Phone Number: 1-855-730-7283

Phone Number of GE Money Capital is : 1-855-730-7283.  (go below for more numbers)
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Address of GE Money Capital

PO Box 4571, Carol Stream, Illinois United States

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Phone Number of GE Money Capital

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Ge Money Bank Watford toll free customer service phone number : +44 0845 070 4299
Ge Money Care Credit toll free customer service phone number : +44 0845 070 4299
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GE Money Capital Customer Service Number, Address, Phone Number

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I was looking for the loan online and got a call from Mr.James. He said my loan for $10,000 has been approved.They had not asked me any id proof or income certificate. Just in 30 minutes the loan approved.
it was totally unbelievable for me. The person at the call only asked me about my name and phone number. And he also asked me to pay $300 for this loan and a check will give to me in two hours.
I was totally shocked with them. Its all unbelievable for me. I have not seen or listened about such bank or its process.I hurry i had paid the amount of $300 to the account which they gave me. Mr. James assured me he bank will give me the check in the evening.
In that evening i called them again and at that number, from which Mr. James was talking to me. But the number is not available now. I am trying to call again and again. The bank officers told me, they don't have any such person and number from the person, Mr. James was calling.
Now i am in big stress, I had paid $300 to his given account.But no loan process is there at this bank.
Please suggest me some way out of this problem.