Movie Star Planet Customer Service Phone Number: +45 000 000

Phone Number of Movie Star Planet is : +45 000 000.  (go below for more numbers)
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Address of Movie Star Planet

Amagerfalledvej 56, 2nd Floor, Copenhagen S, 2300, Denmark

Phone Number of Movie Star Planet

+45 000 000
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Email Address of Movie Star Planet,  
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Website of Movie Star Planet
Movie Tickets toll free customer service phone number : +1-561-998-8000
Pickering Movie Theatre toll free customer service phone number : +1-416-646-0444, +1-866-586-2805
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Movie Star Planet Customer Service Number, Address, Phone Number

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Review and Complaints of Movie Star Planet
Brooke Bowers
Dear MovieStarPlanet, I bought Star VIP that should last 1 year for my daughter and I didn't spend $70 for that product for no reason and I want to know exactly why it hasn't came for 3 weeks now can you please help my daughter get the star VIP because I don't feel it's right for me to spend $70 for no reason.
I don't want a refund I want my daughter to be happy and have what she asked for!It was her birthday Three weeks ago and she didn't get it!I am not going to wait 3 more weeks I want it today!Just so you know again I DON'T WANT A REFUND I WANT MY DAUGHTER TO HAVE THE VIP AND I WANT IT TO BE BACK TODAY BECAUSE I AM ANGRY THAT SHE DOESN'T HAVE IT IS YOU DON'T RESPOND f*** that I don't want you talking about my language because I can speak however I want Now give me my daughter that VIP that I asked for If you don't I am going to have to call!Also get username is HahaNOBOI
carol rossignol
To Movie Star Planet, I was overcharged $12.99 twice on 2 of my kids account, for movie star planet which I did not approve. I want my total of $25.98 put back on my visa debit card as soon as possible. ThankS for handling this matter. I will give you the information need to resolve this matter as soon as I get a prompt email . thanks
Xxinsta xX
Movie star planet locked out my ip forever and I just bought VIP on i didn't waste my money so I can get locked out I didn't do anything wrong and I've been working very hard on that account My USA user is Xxinsta xX and you locked it
Chanita armstrong
My daughter has had her account for a year, someone hacked her account and my daughter is very upset about this I need my daughter account back I put to much money into that account.
I was locked out of 6 days this is the 3 time if I talk to someone it will say. Have been warned please fix this I just got my VIP my account name is dab on em120. Please fix or I'm done with this game
Erika fitez
I have paid vip for my grand daughter several times! and she did not get it which i think stinks!!! i paid 70 dollars for the star vip packet and did not serevice it! I want it transfer to my grand daughters account on the canda server. Her user is: Blushin , Msp if you have a chance transfer the vip, to her account -Thank you
I forgot my pasword my username is Iggy#REAL101
please i'm begging, I need to get online. I would appreciate it if you would unblock me please.
Hello, i got locked of both my accounts. I assure you I did not violate any of the moviestarplanet rules, my cousin did come over to my house last night and played the game. I think maybe it was my cousin or I have had recently experiences where people have been rude to me so they may have reported me. Lastly, I did just had my account hacked. So please please please could you unlock it today? It will never happen again. Moviestarplanet is one of my favorite games, I play it all the time. So Thank you for your time if you can unlock it.(:
my account was stolen i was tricked its nightshade1600 and the password was cookie16 bt the person changed it and now I'm sad because i can't get back to my account
Shelby Pippin
I was locked out of my account for a week. I can explain why I think I was too. I was doing a trade and this girl kept threatening to report me if I didn't send her the gift first. I refused so she kept reporting me and calling me names. I reported her every time she called me names or threatened me. I should not be locked out! This is just ridiculous. I want to be let back into my account. It is not fair how I have to suffer instead of the other girl who was threatening me. I would like back into my account soon. My user is mrshemsworth. Email me with any information about this. Thanks! - Msp user
I can't login my account because it's been hacked please give me a call at (737)-444-3576
Ok i get why i got the first warning and it wasn't bad till i logged off then on i got another warning for no reason and again this is terrible how can i get back on i been playing on android and it never had where to set email on mobile device.
I hadn’t given permission to anybody to purchase any thing from my card. Now I found someone used my card without my permission, when I asked to bank they advised me to contact to Movie star planet . Please make my money refund as soon as possible.
I was locked from my acc. for 7 days! I have not talked inappropriately or bad behavior to anyone whatsoever! People reported me : they scammed my little sister, or scammed me saying they will send a gift or greet if I do then when I do they block me! they report me ,reasons why, I yelled at them! 7 days is over it! I spent my money on getting V.I.P and I intend to play on my acc. to it's whole potential. Please don't do it for 7 days, that is wasting my money from V.I.P. RosieStarX is my acc.
You have deducted twice for our account for the month of September through my credit card 300859g55. I have already paid for the account in advance. Please revert my amount.
I want to close account from mojang as it is creating stress and anxiety among them. My children are uttering while sleep as they are playing games. They are constantly thinking about the games and their study is ignored. So I want to delete this account at once.
I have to pay continue on Movie Star Planet for the games which I had not played. I think someone hacked my account and playing games. Right now he or she is also active at my account. Please help me to get back my account.
Ajant Kumar
I can’t pay for my Movie Star Planet Account. Please help me , how to pay for the movie star planet subscription.
On Movie star planet someone hacked my daughter’s id and added some extra charges at this. She did not have any special service or charges. Kindly look into the matter with priority and solve it. I request you please close her account from Movie Star Planet.
I have already paid for three months in advance. From last week a message displayed at my screen that pay for your subscription. Please help me out this problem. Its not let me log in my account as for nonpayment. What should I do now to access my account. It can be a technical fault please check it and solve my problem.
I am using Movie Star Planet for a long time but today i faced a strange problem while using it as I had 500 mb data in my mobile i played only for fifteen minutes at movie star planet and my data is finished. Please check the problem, why this site is using too much data today.
I do not recommended this site for children below fifteen years. As they are being more mature and learnt many things which are not for their concern. My own daughter is eight years old, she used to go out with her friends and talked like very matured person. Please if you cannot improve your site then its compulsion for me to banned it for my own children. Devid : 34******22
I can not chat any one from my id as i tried to send any message my account get closed just then. I can only get messages from another not replied any body. Please help me. its very urgent. Sabyn
I want to know if a person has already an account then can he create the another one with the same id, I want another account for my same id .
Robert Nguyen
As i am trying to play game it all vanish just in a wink. I am regular player at Movie Star Planet had already paid for the site also. Then whats happen with my game i was at very interesting turn in it. Its not good. Please help me to start the game again.
Hitesh Chan
To Movie Star Planet, I have lost my game stuff. Last night I bought stars and a diamond but now I can’t get it anywhere .Please check what was happen with my game stuff
Munir Jha
To Movie Star Planet, I have signed in on Movie Star Planet and paid for three months in advance. But now I want to play on it says invalid id and not in our data base. How it can be possible. I am a regular user of Movie Star Planet . Please help me to connect with it.Munir Jha 89******22
Leeza Ghafor
Someone on moviestarplanet stole my accont loverteenager. I would like to know on how to contact msp directly so they can help me get back my account.
I keep getting warnings and I've been locked out but I haven't done anything wrong.
B. Smith
I didn't tell my child that she could get a year VIP. I do not and did not want this Please refund my $70.00. My kids name is Poncaaly.
B. Smith
I didn't tell my child that she could get a year vip. I do not and did not want this Please refund my $70.00.
jazzmyn samels
I got a lock number and idk why or what I did I would like my account back I have worked so hard on it the lock number is 18233283762 can you please unlock my account.
My VIP payment was denied.I paid with iTunes, which worked before. But now its not.
My daughters insert edgy name has been blocked. The lock code 957231425.
I didn't do anything PPL keep on reporting me for no reason Please I need my account. Now this account what did I do.
KS Rainbow 3 is getting hacked and her password is changed Please can you tell me the password Thank you so much.
My movie star planet said it was blocked for no reason.
Rana awada
I got banned for no reason I am gonna call authorities.
I cant find my sir. I wasn't hacked or deleted, I logged out case of lag and now I don't know my username. Can you help me find it.
According to Google my payment is successful but it's not going through on the msp game... 1340-4095-7543-38101 is the verification number.
selena kate
My computer is banned for playing msp Please hep this is an error.
I have been banned for no reason this is no fair.