Old Spice Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-677-7582

Phone Number of Old Spice is : 1-800-677-7582.  (go below for more numbers)
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Procter & Gamble Plaza Cincinnati, OH USA

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Spice of Life Hamilton toll free customer service phone number : +44-1698-282272
Spice toll free customer service phone number : +91-120-3355131
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Review and Complaints of Old Spice
This weekend i went market with my friend, he wants to purchase a deodorant for him. Chose a Old Spice fresh deodorant for him. He sprayed a little at my armpit. While he was looking some other things my arm started inching and got red.
After few minutes we came back home. But my arm is still burning, i asked him what he has sprayed on my arm like acid. But he sprayed only Old Spice Deodorant.In a hour horrible pain started in my arm. I could not up my arm on my head. It swelled as it is shown it the picture, which i am sending you with the mail.Not easy to sleep that night, so we went to a doctor, she gave me a cream for massage.
I took bath at home and felt relief for a while but the cream was not effected at this burn. It feels and seems like a acid burn.
I am a student and its my exam time. Is this the reality of Old Spice brand perfumes and deodorants.
Stephanie Shawn
I had purchased Old Spice Deodorant two weeks ago and now I am regretting this purchase, both my armpits are burnt so badly because of the deo I couldn't explain.
I had purchased it online as I saw the reviews of the people which were quite good about the product, but in my case nothing went like that. I didn't bothered returning the product as it becomes a long process. The next morning when I woke up I found the redness was spreading and even it was hurting a lot.
I put some powder in order to get relief, but don't know what they had used in the making of the spray it was burning like hell, it not at all seems to be a deodorant. Just not going to use their product anymore.