Senior People Meet Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-727-8920

Phone Number of Senior People Meet is : 1-866-727-8920.  (go below for more numbers)
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PO Box 12647 Dallas, USA

Phone Number of Senior People Meet

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Black People Meet toll free customer service phone number : 1-866-727-8920
Meet Mark toll free customer service phone number : +1-866-633-8627
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Senior People Meet Customer Service Number, Address, Phone Number

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Review and Complaints of Senior People Meet
Genevieve Malone
To Senior People Meet, Today is the last day of my membership and I cannot retrieve my messages. Why?
To Senior People Meet, I may not have all the information when I first log on to verify my information... how do I get started again... or do I cancel
Pedro Acevedo
Cant find out Senior people meet website. due to web site stinks. Kindly get me this web site immediately.
Beverly Birmingham
This afternoon I checked my profile and now it is blank. I may have been hacked. That happened 1 1/2 weeks after I paid for 6 months. Now I have to redo my profile for the 2nd time. This is crazy. I do not want to keep redoing it. See if my information can be reinstated.
Tracy Sims
I have tried many times to delete my profile..So please remove my profile and delete my account. Thanks
Joseph Chernicoff
I met a woman on your site in July, at which time I cancelled my membership with, she now informs me that my image is still posted on the site and this has created a problem for us both, even though I do not receive any mail from the site....therefore remove image now since there is no need for it to be posted other than for your need, and since I do not have a membership with will be calling your office later this morning re: this site action . Joe Chernicoff login password when a member: jh657j******78
Kathy Kurtz
To Senior people Meet, When I attempt to upload photos, it appears that it works, but then no photo is uploaded and there is an error message. This happened the last time I added photos and I had to email the photos and have Senior People post them. Is it that you program doesn't work for a MAC w/Safari? Anyway I can't any email address, so any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. Kathy Kurtz
wilma Dear
I want all my profile and account canceled.
Roberta Shea
I'm writing Senior People Meet because again my membership has been renewed and I don't want to renew it. This is the second time that this has happened in a few weeks. I don't know what is the matter with the site. I don't want to renew this membership again. Please credit my acct ASAP. I will follow with a call to the 800 phone in the morning. I'm hesitating renewing this membership with this type of thing debiting my acct. My acct. is set so that my acct. will not be renewed. Roberta Shea
Carole Sanfilippo
Good Morning, I just want to remove my profile from all sites. Thanks
i discontinued my membership last month i got charged again . please correct this and send me an email about the correction that you have made. thanks i will be expecting your email
Svetlana Schumer
My account was blocked and I go to my friend recommend But I worried they asked me address SSN number credit csrd and I gave everything But I feel that I did not right Please help me I think I did wrong think
Betty Gorden
Not really a complaint..I accidentally deleted the profiling for me. Please register it again for me. Thanks
Mary Gasr
Please cancel my account. This is the worst dating site. I paid for so much. Got so little in return. Cancel as soon as possible.
Del Rae Heine
Dear Sir: I wish to cancel my senior people meet subscription. I wish to not be charged for this dating service website. Thanks!
John Garboczi
I do not want to renew. Do not charge me for anything after 5/23/2016
Jonathan Kamarck
I have tried your directions on photos and they do not work. I cannot get a drop down menu. I touch my picture and get a photo add on option. I cannot delete any old photos and the ones selected just sit their in their slot. Several said pending but now nothing. Jon Kamarck 202-999-8723
Lola Mitchell
Troubled by customer service contact information not readily available on the site. I have uploaded a pic 3 times and it shows and then disappears.
Lo ise Teagarden
I called abut this 2 days ago. They told me to change my password I did. from lomo7079 to romo7079 I have a new credit card number. I gave them that. It worked, now I can't get into the account again.
I have been talking with another member last night and now she has dissappeared, what can I do
Myrna Boone Brownfield
I accidentally tried to subscribe twice into senior people meet. According to my bank your website froze my card. My bank has released it and verified that it was not fraud just an accident. Can you please fix your end of the problem. My number is 951 531 6757.
Sammy Altman
I am new on senior people meet . My messages are not reaching there destinations. When I go back to look at any conversations I have had with others my messages don't appear anywhere. Please help me resolve this problem with my user ID : hothotsammy01 Thank you.
pal Barnes
I accidential hit update , when i called to explain Mike at 877658919 was insisting that i was being hacked . He also said thart he is the on;ly one there. but i could hear people and your ad says full staff all the time and answere every 9 secs. He did not understand that i just do not want to use this services right now. it was an accident , i sarted calling nimmediately to have the charge reversed I have meet someone and thru yoursite it would be unfair to be on here plaease cancel and return the money. So i called a another number for sr people and go to help. 4128894225 Paul.
William L Govan
I can not log in, my credit card was changed and I don't know how to change it.Help.
I no longer want this and ask that you cancel my subscription immediately. Please send confirmation of this request to my email at Thanks John
Charles Smith
I need to log into my account. Cant remember all my log in information. I have 8 days left and want to log back in for those days... I have two different zip codes. Need to log in for my last few days. Please respond Charles.
William B Davis
Please cancel my account now e mail me responds.